About Us

MAW Delights was founded in 2017, our aim was to create sexual wonderlands in the imaginations of our customers. We wanted to take them on a journey of discovery and be there to provide every vulvalicious prop they needed to help them along their way.

We knew that every woman has a fantasy land that she creates, in this realm she is full of confidence and oozes the sexiest of vibes. She is wanted and desired; the hottest of the bunch. For our MAW mascot Madame Alice this is the place she calls Wonderland. A place where she is free to explore her deepest sexual desires. Where every rabbit hole has a rabbit that can fill her hole with a new exciting twist, from BDSM to lesbian encounters, Wonderland is the place where she seeks it all out and enjoys every pussy dripping moment.

What are your deepest desires? What is it like in your wonderland?  We asked these questions and the answers we received meant that MAW Delights had finally found its niche. We were to serve, to the highest level possible the beautiful ladies all around the world who craved sexual attention and who knew that their body was a weapon. Women who wanted to show their bodies off, to look their best; these females were dripping before they even got you into the bedroom because they had discovered how to turn themselves on!

We know our customers better than ever now, it’s you! You either love these women or you are one of them. The popularity of our bespoke idea helped us to expand our services rapidly to meet your needs. We saw the importance of providing safe, accessible, and affordable naughty treats so you and yours could explore the depths of those wonderland desires.

We introduced our much sought-after wish list feature in 2020 and a brand new, top of the range website followed in 2021.  The company exploded alongside vaginas the world over and today, we offer over 4000 products to our dedicated product users. Whether you’re interested in fantasy role play, anal beads, beautiful lingerie, or fleshlights, we pride ourselves on empowering our millions of users to create and customise their own unique prowess and turn it into a superpower.

Our dedication to you has led us to sell the top rated and most trusted brands throughout the sex industry. We are now distributors of Lelo, Rocks off and Nexus! And that is only the tip of his penis (we meant iceberg). Our team works closely with these businesses to ensure top quality products are delivered to you fast and efficiently at the best possible price.

Being a female run company in a male-dominated industry has had its challenges but with the constant support of those who shout about our brand to their friends and F***buddies we want to say the biggest thank you! We love you because you have turned the dream into the best reality we could have ever hoped for.

We hope this little blurb gives you a peep into our story and you feel us worthy of your support.

We hope to carry on giving you the best opportunities to adorn your wonderlands in all things adventurous by shopping with us again in the future.

Love, Kisses and Safe Sex

Lady Lara and the MAW Team