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The MAW Wishlist FAQ

  • How much commission can I earn for items purchased through my Wishlist?

    We love taking care of our community of bold, beautiful creators. As a MAW Wishlist account holder, you'll receive 6% of everything that your friends, admirers, followers, and subs buy from your Wishlist.

  • How many items can I add to my wishlist?

    As many as you want! Lady Lara suggests a diverse selection and variation of prices so that all of your audience members can send you love, even those with smaller budgets.

  • How are Wishlist items delivered? Is it anonymous?

    Anyone with your Wishlist link can purchase an item (or several) and have it delivered directly to you. You’ll never be required to reveal your personal information and we’ll always protect you by keeping your information completely private. When a buyer gets you a gift, the purchased item will vanish from your Wishlist basket. The buyer will only see 'undisclosed' under the recipient's address. Your privacy is our top priority!

  • How do I access my Wishlist?

    Just click on the W icon on the top right of your page and there it is. You can add or delete items whenever you like. It is your Wishlist, and you’re in control.

  • What do I do with my Wishlist link?

    You'll discover that the Wishlist you have created has had its own link generated (a website address that's specific to your Wishlist basket) that’s what you need to share. Once you've finished creating your Wishlist, it's time to share it with as many people as possible.You can always shorten your Wishlist URL at if you need to. At every opportunity promote your Wishlist. Mention it in your video uploads, refer to it frequently on your socials, include it in a text, bring it up in chats and send it to potential buyers’ inboxes. The more people that see your Wishlist, the more gifts and money you’re likely to receive.