Sex should never be one-size-fits all, instead it should be customised to fit you perfectly, just like our range of condoms.
From flavoured and textured, to extra large or extra small, and everything in between.

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EXS Air Thin Condoms 12 Pack

EXS Air Thin are amongst the thinnest quality latex condoms in the world, they have a comfy 56mm fit, have no latex smell and feel like you are wearin...
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EXS Magnum Large Condoms 12 Pack

If you need a bigger size condom then EXS Magnum is the one for you.They come with a 60mm width and a flared teat end for extra comfort.Vegan-approved...
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EXS Nano Thin Condom 12 Pack

EXS Nano Thin is amongst the thinnest quality latex condoms in the world.They have a width of 53mm, no latex smell, and feel like you are wearing no c...
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Lelo Hex Original Condoms 3 Pack

Our world has changed, the condom hasn't, until now!Lelo Hex delivers strength, thinness and sensation through its revolutionary hexagonal structure. ...
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