Kegel/Orgasm Balls


Improve your sexual health and enhance your sexual pleasure with our kegel/orgasm balls.
Designed to stimulate and improve the pelvic floor muscles whilst providing delightful vaginal sensations.

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Her Kegel Kit

Jump start your pelvic fitness with the Her Kegel Kit by California Exotics. To begin with you can start with the 1.5 inch wide kegel balls that get y...
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bswish Bfit Love Balls

Strengthen your pleasure in comfort and style with the Bswish Bfit Love Balls by Bsiwsh, an adaptable workout regime designed to grow with you. The Bs...
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Desi Love Balls Pink

The Feelztoys Desi Love Balls in Pink are designed to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, and a stronger pelvic floor means a tighter vagina, better...
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