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Mystic Treasures Couples Kit

The Mystic Treasures Couples Kit has absolutely everything to keep an adventurous couple busy for weeks and weeks. The kit contains two silicone cockr...
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Aqua Silk Vibrating Bullet

Aqua Silk Vibrating Bullet. The Aqua Silks Bullet is fully waterproof and is covered with the ultra-smooth, silky coated Soft Touch material that make...
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Aqua Silks Vibrating Cock Ring

Aqua Silks Cock Ring. This cockring is coated in an ultra smooth, silky material and it is fully waterproof. The push button vibration control has sof...
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Duo Balls Black And White

The Duo Balls Black And White by Linx Kinx Minx provides a simple and effective way to train the pelvic floor muscles while going about your normal da...
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