Paddles, gags, & whips


Where’s the fun if there’s no pain? If you love some sting in your pleasure then our paddles, gags and whips are right up your street.
Check out our leather gags, luxury paddles and huge range of whips in leather, chain, suede and metal. Ouch!

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Boundless Ball Gag

Your Boundless Ball Gag is waiting for you! This firm yet pliable, body-safe silicone ball is designed for maximum teeth protection, a tasteless desig...
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Boundless Bar Gag

The Boundless Bar Gag is coming for you! The build of this bar gag is second to none. The firm yet pliable, body-safe silicone bar is designed for max...
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Chain Whip

Heavy chain whip with 5 tails, Handle 5.5 Inches x 1.5 inches, Tails 13 Inches.
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Gag With O Ring

Black leather gag with a solid O ring of leather to keep the mouth open. The straps ae adjustable for sizing.
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