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King Sized Balls

Super sized for super pleasure!These King Sized Balls by You2Toys fill you out completely and as your body moves the weighted interior of the balls al...
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Glamour 7 Piece Sex Toy Kit

7 part love toy set in an exciting shimmering silver look for all kinds of sex games alone, or as a twosome. Contains a flexible anal wand, vibrator, ...
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Long Black Wig

Do you want to glam up your look for the evening? If so, this magnificent long black wig with a fringe will transform you into a fashionable "Uptown G...
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African Lover World Of Dongs

Black dildo in natural look with full head and throbbing veins on a sturdy suction cup. It is extremely flexible and made from slippery material.
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Aluminum Bondage Hook

For real fans of bondage!This butt plug is the perfect toy for exciting bondage games. A rope can be attached to the ring that sits at one end of the ...
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AmyRose Cowgirl Love Doll

This cowgirl loves a hot, passionate ride!Amy-Rose is extremely enchanting with her beautiful face and hair that are printed on. This cowgirl knows ex...
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Anal Special Dildo

Especially designed so the guy can deliver double penetration pleasure to their partner we bring you the orgasmic Anal Special Dildo, a stunning 6-inc...
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